(The Ghost of) Father’s Day Present…

Coco and Nath

The kids have been jumping all about, getting excited about Father’s Day, and their chance to show Nathan their amazing homemade gifts.  I haven’t seen what they’ve made, but let me tell you,  it will be hard to beat the laminated, hand drawn “tie” from 2012.

I asked them this morning what the best thing about their dad is.

Liam said, “That he can make anything. He’s a carpenter you know”.  (Yep, I picked that up, thanks.)

Coco said, “How he tickles my feet with his scubble (sic) in the morning, and how he calls me Snickers, but he doesn’t call me Snickers anymore because it makes me want to eat Snickers, so yeah, not so much the Snickers thing, but the scubble thing, that’s funny.”

So there you go Nath, I couldn’t get anything else out of them.  Beards and construction.

I’ve got a few more ideas though, and yes it does look like a list.  This is why I think Nath is the duck’s nuts:

  • That he is honest and fair and trustworthy and loyal and dependable, and his children know that
  • That he is a hands-on Dad, and the kids know that he’s an equal parent
  • That he cooks their dinner, reads them books at bedtime and gives them big, big hugs
  • That he is always available for chats, or games, or mucking around
  • That he knows how to make them laugh
  • That he follows up on his promises, and keeps his word, so they can trust him
  • That he is fiercely protective of them, and they can rely on him to keep them safe
  • That he makes them billy-carts
  • That he plays Sylvanian Families, spots possums and kicks the footy
  • That he knows many, many, really crap kid-jokes
  • That he loves them best
  • That he truly believes that everything will work out in the end, so they catch his calm
  • That he takes them fishing and surfing and camping, and teaches them how to do it for themselves
  • That he dances with them, sings with them, so they love music too
  • That I suspect he really wanted to breast-feed Liam himself, and calls him ‘my little mate’
  • That he cried and cried along with me when we were learning about Coco’s diagnosis way back when
  • That his arms are strong, his soul is open, and his heart is big.

Happy Father’s Day Nath, you rock.



Does the Dad in your life rock?

Did you have a happy day today?

..Pop in tomorrow for Father’s Day, yet to come