Breaking News. Shocking News. Emergency Blog. PANIC NOW.

I just heard some shocking news.

Brace yourselves.

Apparently there is some world wide shortage of cacao beans or whatever the hell bean it is that makes chocolate.

That’s right: World wide. Shortage. Chocolate.

Sorry everyone, but I don’t give a shit about you lot, I’m stockpiling.

I just checked the pantry, and I’ve found some cooking-chocolate chips: hidden.

I snuck into Liam’s room and found his remaining Easter Eggs (They might be going a bit white-ish, but they’ll do): hidden.

I’m not bothering with Coco’s room, she won’t have any.

Tomorrow I’m going to the shops, so look out Coles and Woolies and Aldi, you aren’t gonna know what hit you.

Remember when you have some left and I don’t, who worded you up.

You’re welcome.

So I guess now I’m a food blogger.  (Recipe book coming soon.)