Hitwave Alison

Here they are, the hits of the week:

1.  Medical knowledge.  Sometimes, you know, it just comes in handy.  All those lists of differential diagnoses?  I guess you learn them for a reason, mainly in the hope that you’ll never have to use them, especially the ones at the top end of the list.  The scary end.  I had a reason to use one such list today, and I’m thankful for knowing all the high-points.  Turns out that sometimes the human brain, if it listens, and knows its lists well, can be just as good as a CT or an MRI.   Thanks Alan Terrett.


2.  These shoes:

Dr Marten's

They’ve had most fluids you can think of spilt on them, and I hope they will again..

They’ve done some K’s these shoes and I, since we made our acquaintance in 1988.  They didn’t get to go to Dan Sultan last night, but I reckon they might be good for a few more gigs* yet.  Good onya Doctor Marten.  You give good sole.


3.  This park:

Newcastle park- big slide

Newcastle park flying fox

Speaking of giving good, Newcastle, you give good park.  Sunset over the massive slide and the very fast flying fox, among other things, equals Kid Heaven.  The Evil Geniuses want to go back to Newy next holidays just to go there again.


4.  This kid:

Coco on big slide

Apparently she got “brave” blood this time.  I’m not convinced this is strictly true, but hey, she did go down the massive slide by herself, which is a feat.  Go you good thing.  And thanks for the courageous claret, anonymous donor.  You rock.


5.  School holidays.  How good?  They’ve brought me my mate back, given me an excuse to spam about all day, chasing spots of sunshine in the house, and tomorrow the Genuises are having a friend over each- two of my faves are coming over for a play (No, I’m not calling it a play-date.  It’s just a play people.)… I bet we will bake and laugh and play some music and some Wii, and I won’t have to do one single Pokemon battle as numbers will be sufficient.  I might not even do my hair for the whole day.


*I am stopping calling events where you see a live band “gigs” from now on.  Sounds like I’m trying to be 24 again.  Henceforth I shall refer to them as concerts.


How are your holidays going?  

Do you have some Docs?  Send me a pic…

…From The Ashers xx