Hitwave Alison

Here’s my top five, peeps, and no, cancer is NOT on the list.

1.  Vespas. How cool are they?  Hahaha, that was a joke. Vespas suck.  We all know that right?  So stop buying them then people.  And stop driving them in front of me at 50kms in an 80km zone.  Thanks.

2.  Two visits to The Green Room at Eumundi in one week.  Love that place.  Love that green. If it was closer, it would be my new local. And, in fact, if I could convince more people to meet me out there for a sneaky mid-week, mid-day glass of sparkles, then I suspect it would be, regardless of distance.  Sorry Red, you’re grouse, but green is the new black.

3.  My $2 tomato plant from the world’s worst store (Bunnings).  It’s planted in a tiny bit of sandy “soil”, receives no love, and has currently yielded seven juicy ripe tommies.  FYI I am also growing basil, mint and chives, so yeah, basically self-sufficient. Just call me Don Bourke… Without the swears (except for the blog yesterday, sorry about that.)

4.  My awesome home-based barista (everything is home-based now isn’t it?). He just bought me a cup of the hot, perky brown stuff.  Better than George Clooney… yes, yes, I know there’s a new ad. Mmmmm George I mean, Nespresso.

5.  Blogging. Thanks for reading, all of you. Thanks especially for the shares, likes and comments.  I know I’m pretty self-indulgent, and rant on about my own shit all the time, in fact, Sam gave me a gift yesterday that said exactly that…  But I really do appreciate you letting me know when you are reading, what you like reading, and egging me on.  I love doing this.  It’s my first ever real hobby.

How about you?  Any hobbies?  

What’s your top 5?

A late number 6: Nath just put the cricket on. And it’s Movember. Mmmmm, movemmmber.  Looks like the World Series Cup.  Now THAT is cricket I rate.