Hitwave Alison

Too many HITS to keep it to five this week so here’s a few:

  • cool presents from patients- thoughtful and delicious
  • fun days with the kids: at the beach, BMX track, the park, the pool, Thrill Hill, at home
  • a week of top results with my people
  • Christmas lights and the beautiful freaks who do them
  • being complimented on my writing
  • the Hastings Street transformation- just magical
  • ice cold beers slaking my throat
  • counting down the sleeps til Chrissy on the chalkboard
  • a warming tinge of sunburn
  • the best website ever- PNP for the the kids Santa videos
  • visits from the elves
  • Nath pressure washing my sideway- so clean
  • planning the Christmas menu
  • dinners with great friends
  • not being asked to make a gingerbread house
  • Christmas parties
  • people laughing at the blog
  • finding an old friend again and finding us both the same (yet different)
  • getting some annoying cycles completed
  • Nath repairing the roof and painting the ceiling before our hols start
  • a week with no bat-shit on my white car or white rendered wall
  • warm weather
  • the sound of the surf at night
  • not appearing in the “Christmas Jammies” video
  • lots of parcels arriving in the post, including online shopping deliveries that I’d forgotten
  • finding out there is a SK book that I wasn’t aware of, to read on hols
  • getting a computer fixed and being able to re-install Minecraft
  • watching and listening to Liam play guitar

I’m sure there’s more, so much more, but that will do for now…. I hope your week has been as much fun as mine.  I hope your kids are enjoying their holidays and you are having fun with them (in the moments that they aren’t driving you bloody crazy).

May your week be free of bickering and full of beauty.

Play nice everyone.