Hitwave Alison Vol 2


It’s been quite a week around these parts.  Not the week I would ever have hoped for, but a week none-the-less.

Here’s my top five for the week:

1.  These lips.  Delivered with a cuddle from Sprinkles.  What a lovely thing to do.  Some people just have such big hearts.

Thanks Clare

Thanks Clare


2.  This wine.  QANTAS, you really are the best airline.  Teensy bottles of wine just when you need it most?  Yes please.

Entirely tolerable (and free) medicinal wine

Entirely tolerable (and free) medicinal wine


3.  This family.  Some days are just gold with you lot.

Bike family

They might be wearing nerdy helmets, but I love their guts.


4.  All my beautiful patients, who helped me through this week, with kind words and even kinder hearts.  I appreciate all the words of wisdom and care, and thank my teenage self for choosing such an wonderful career path- one that allows me to share so much of my life with loving and positive people.  I’m supposed to be helping them, yet they helped me.  What a gift.


5.  This chick.  I have no idea how the bits of my heart will ever feel whole again.

I’m so bloody lucky to have had her in my life.   What a smile.  What a laugh.

Hayls and I

Love ya Hayls

How was your week?

Gimme some of your Top Hits.. I could use a laugh.