Human Sexuality 101

Coco:  There are two ways to have a baby.  The gross way and the hospital way.

Me:  So is the hospital way a caesarean and the gross way a vaginal birth?  Which is incidentally, more common.

Coco:  Ewww, you’re gross. I can’t believe you said vaginal to me.  I MEAN how the baby got in there.

Me:  Huh? What is the hospital way?  *Has visions of doctors and nurses shacked up in equipment cupboards*

Coco:  You know, a test-tube baby.  When a baby comes from a petri-dish. (Duh)

Me:  And the gross way is….?

Coco:  I’m not telling.  Liam knows, ask him.  *runs off*

Coco:  *yells over shoulder*  And you and Dad are gross.


So it appears my work here is done. Gross out people. 

Probably wouldn’t cut it as a Wicked Camper writer.  Go over and sign this petition


…From The Ashers xx