Always Learning

As you know, I’m a student of the world, always learning (!) and I love a list, so here are the things I have learned this week:


1.  No matter when you get to the airport, your law-abiding kid will ask you more than seventy-thousand times if it is time to go through to the gate yet.

2.  No matter when you get to the airport, you can almost miss your plane.  Even with a kid like that.

3.  Regardless of how much you despise craft, and how much you avoid it, you will have at least one child who loves craft, but can’t do it themselves (and so requires your assistance.  Constantly.)

Craft- felting

Looking innocent… The crafty crafter, with craft


4.  Even after you think the craze has passed, you will ask the musical question: “What does the fox say?” in your head, eleventy-billion times per day.

What does the fox say book

And this is why…


5.  It does not take three minutes to heat up a beanie heat pack thingy in your microwave.

6.  And if you try, you will find your whole house stinks for seventy-five times that three minutes.




7.  Stephen King is the greatest modern author.  Still.  And you will be by turns both jealous, and in awe of him.  Like nothing you have ever experienced.

8.  You can still get pimples after The Menopause.  Especially if you drink several Coopers.

9.  Even though you think you are prepared in your mind, when you arrive at your friend’s house months after she has died, you will still feel like someone just stuck a tack in your lungs and punched out all of your air.

10.  You will sit in her chair, where she was supposed to be convalescing and wish for a different reality.  Again.  Your throat will hurt and your eyes will sting with brine kept back, and still, still you won’t hear her laugh again.

11.  But you will be glad, still, that you had the chance to have that laugh in your life.  And you will be glad you came.  To sit.


I learned some things this week.  But none of them are really new.


…From The Ashers xx