“Fallen Prey To Demons”

There’s a reason why I don’t watch the news, or any stuff on television other than the footy or fluff. It’s just too hard. It makes me have too many feelings, and I might not be in control of what those feelings are. The show might go in some direction that I’m not prepared for, and I might end up with things in my head that I can’t shake.

The only things I like in my head are stories of happiness and pictures of rainbows.

Or something.

Tonight I watched Four Corners, knowing that it would be flint-hard. Because sometimes I guess you have to look at the burning and blinding harshness of life. Sometimes you have to knowingly step out of the bubble. And sometimes it just gets burst for you.

That happened to my friend Penny. She has always been tough and edgy and quirky. She has an attitude that lets you know she is sharp and witty, but also that she feels all of the things. I guess it’s because she is an artist. And you know how artists are, they often seem to feel too much, but when we watch them, it’s what we adore. We love them for showing us their hearts.

Tonight I didn’t want to see Penny’s heart on the outside.

I wanted her heart to stay inside, calm and warm and peaceful, ticking along like a fluid clock, not missing any beats, not being smashed into pieces because her son had fallen prey to demons, becoming like so many young men in rural Victoria, addicted to ice. Penny and her son’s story is one of success, and it shows us that thing that we all intuitively know; unconditional love is what we need to embrace these boys, bring them back into our community, and help them to heal.

Ethan has been one of the lucky ones. he has somehow, with the love of a strong family and consistent support, come through the horror of the demon possession, and stepped into the light. His eyes are bright, and they shine with potential and sparkling, cheeky intelligence.

Unfortunately at this stage in our understanding of this drug, he is one of the few.

Just thinking of it all makes my throat tighten. I don’t know the answers. I don’t know what ‘should’ be done. I don’t even know where to begin, but I know that somehow Penny’s fierce lioness heart has helped her boy to find a path.

I hope there is enough love for the others.



Did you watch Four Corners

What do you think we, as a community need to do?

…From The Ashers