No Fun Here

Yesterday I purchased my Sweet Ride, Ouiser Boudreaux, so we lost her maidenhead took her on her maiden voyage, on the Tour de Peregian.  The Tour, as we like to call it, was exactly like the other Tour, other than there were no hills.  Or French people.  Or actual exertion.  We did have rolls though, so: baguettes.

All was well, and all would be well, until we decided we would like to feed the canards (French for ducks) some of our baguettes.  The ducks were there, we were there, glutinous blobs at the ready.  Then we saw this:

Duck are gluten free too

Duck are gluten free too



Kiddies can no longer feed ducks at a duck pond.  And they should feel very guilty if they have ever done so before.

Nor can they do any of these things:


Fair enough really.  I mean, it’s not as if you come to a park to have any actual fun.   So I shook my UN-HELMETTED head, and cut another lap around the lake, ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE PATH, got a bit thirsty and DRANK WATER FROM THE UNFILTERED TAP and then went into the fenced off park area and LEFT THE GATE OPEN.  I told the kids to do the same, but they just went and sat nicely on the seat until it was time to go home.

Yep, livin’ on the edge, man.

I may have played this Ice T on my iPod on the way home.  I may have played super-soft so the kids couldn’t hear the swears.  Still a rebel though.

Are your parks over-regulated?

What rules are just too hard not to break?