One Decade… To One Score

Ten years ago today this happened:

U.S. 2003 U.S.A. Cigarette Taxes Nov. 8th, 2003 : Native to non-native cigarette taxing was schedule to take place soon in the state of New York. However, a print announcement was made this day in 2003 regarding the delay of this decision, as discussed on the day before. 


Anyway, there was also a lunar eclipse.

The Bledisloe Cup was on in Melbourne.  Some chunky dudes ran around for a bit, and crashed into each other. Someone won.

Most importantly, this happened:


I let this guy come to my wedding:


That was a pretty good decision by me.


These fairies were there:


I rocked up in a mini-bus (as you do.)

Me in bus

And there was a fair bit of this:

Me drinksAt this:

wedding stubby holder

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, apparently once said this, “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”  I like that, I like it a lot.


By the time you read this, The Ashers will be all frocked up, and promenading along Noosa Beach.  We might look a bit silly in our ten year old clobber.  My halo tiara might be a bit tarnished, my dress a bit worse for wear, and my veil pretty much shredded, but I guess that’s how things roll, ten years on.  Still, with a bit of spit and polish, we should scrub up okay.  Much like life really.  We’ve added a few wrinkles and a few scars and one or two grey hairs, but I suppose that means we are living a life.  And more than a few of those wrinkles are from laughter.

I love you Nath.  You make me want to be better.  And you’re more than this little black cloud deserves.

Here’s to putting a few scores on our board.