Slow Burn

Have you ever watched Sex in the City? I have never seen a complete episode, until just now. Of course I knew who the characters were- I’ve seen enough for that, so it wasn’t difficult to follow, but my goodness that show is tripe. (And no, I do not like tripe, or, in fact any visceral products.) So why did I watch it? It was the ep where Carrie went to live in Paris, and on her last night in New York she had dinner with her four friends and she said this simple thing:

Today I had a thought, what if I had never met you?

That distilled me, right there.

What if?

What if all of the people that we have loved and then lost in our lives, had never even begun?

What if we never had the opportunity to have our hearts touched, our minds known? What if we never had the privilege of having people in our lives who know who we truly are, understand what our secrets mean to us, and love us for the things we value most about ourselves?

So even though the loss burns and burns, like holding your fingertips on ice until the cold becomes numbness and then inflames, and the pain somehow gets worse with time, not better, what if, what if, we had never met them?

That would be worse.



…From The Ashers