So Much Amazing

Our view



There is so much amazing in the world right now.

What a time to be alive.

And what a gift and a surprise it is to actually be alive.  That the glint in the eye of our parents and our parents’ parents (ad infinitum) coincided precisely with ovulation, desire for offspring, health and age, for us to even be conceived, let alone survive, and be wind up sitting here, devices at the ready, to read and type and post and tweet and like.

What a joy to be able to look out the window and see the frothy whitecaps, whipping over that big blue, all the way backbackback to the fuzzy horizontal line where two blues kiss.  To see so much sand that it looks to be one whole lemony-beige thing and not scattered grains, straining out to the points either end.  To see the goldeny-green of the cane sashaying forward and back at the breeze.

So many thing to marvel and wonder and be in awe of.  Cars that stop you from getting speeding fines by keeping their speed constant, and then park themselves.  Whole CD collections that you carry around in your pocket.  Slow cookers to gently coax your food to readiness all day whilst you sit by the pool, a pool that cleans itself of algae and leaves.  A vast information source that can tell you the weather, the age of that kid from the Henderson Kids and the recipe for donuts that you lost when you chucked out the donut-maker box six years ago.  A thingy to cool down your wine instantly and without a fridge (cos Lord knows you can’t wait).  Apps that allow you to make cat memes, so you can share pussy jokes with people you’ve never met, but call your friends.

So much room and light and air and breath around us.  Our skies are so high and so grand.  The spaces around us so generous, we never need to touch, should we so choose.

So much stuff, that each of our houses are full with it.  Stuff that seems to multiply at night and come wriggling out of cupboards and drawers with the morning light.  Entire lifetimes would not use all the stuff up.

What a strange, abundant, fast and marvellous time and place this is.  There is so much to gape at.  Mouths wide.  Eyes open.


If only we would share it.