A post about nothing

Today I had a day off.

No, I mean I really had a day off.  I slept in a little (for Queensland that is… it was 7am, but that’s a sleep in up here), I had coffee, the husband cooked bacon and eggs on the barbie, we spammed about, read the papers, weeded and cleaned up the garden, did a few loads of washing (it was a shit-hot wash and dry day today), swam in the pool, played in the cubby, sat together on the couch.

I did the food shopping online, cooked tomorrow night’s dinner, baked one batch of biccies, watched some Elementary and read a bit of a novel I’ve been meaning to read for ages. That’s it.

Didn’t even leave the compound.

Looked at the phone twice.  Didn’t tweet at all.  Did one FB post and liked one other.

The days are so long and so languid and just so lovely when you really have a day off.

My brain usually doesn’t work that way.  Even when I’m sitting still I’m planning my next move, or the most efficient way to complete a series of tasks.  Or I’m thinking of a new blog post, a funny tweet, something to do tomorrow, something I should’ve done yesterday.

But today I was still.  My head was empty.

Tomorrow it will be full again.  There will be calls to make, appointments to organise, blood to be given and then received.

It was nice to be still.  I might try it again one day.

What did you do this weekend?