Hitwave Alison, vol 1

Welcome to Hitwave Alison, my Top 5 for the week.

1.  Bistro C on Hastings Street.  The 9year old chose it for his birthday breakfast, because “It’s the best restaurant in the world Mum.”  It’s also the best location, sitting right on Noosa Beach.  So close you almost have sand between your toes.  Fab food and Fab views.  And cheeky waiters apologising for the view.  This view:

The view from Bistro C… Hard to beat

The view from Bistro C… Hard to beat. The waiters are dickheads

2.  These shoes, from Country Road.  I just love a summery sandal.  Things are hotting up around these parts, but the legs aren’t ready to be out in public just yet, so these sandals are just the thing.

Don't look at the legs

Don’t look at the legs

3.  The weather this week.  Soooo good here these last few days.  I feel so lucky to live in such an amazing place, with such perfect Spring days.  We even had dolphins hanging around Main Beach this morning.  (In the water- not sitting at Sails or something.)

4.  All the kids in Liam’s class singing Happy Birthday to him.  Still so cute.  And how they then descended on me and my Zooper Dooper supply in lieu of cupcakes  (I canNOT bake cupcakes). Luckily I had scissors to fend them off.

5.  My Mum for buying a big box of Cadbury Favourites for The Kid as part of The Festival of Liam.  I’ve been siphoning those babies off nightly.  He has no clue.  I love being the boss of the house.  I don’t care if you think I’m a bogan Hayley, I bloody love ’em.

Have a great weekend y’all

What’s your Top 5?

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