Today is Blog’s first birthday.  One year old.

Blog has seen a lot in her one year.  If I was computer savvy not so lazy, I’d do one of those Instagram photo montage thingies.  Probably with Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) playing softly in the background.  We might share a tear together, you and I, watching the year fly by, and remembering the laughter and the tears of our first year.

But of course I am lazy.

So if you want to do that you’ll have to flick through yourself.  Most of the posts are pretty short, definitely not the recommended 2000 words per post, that is required, should I wish to “make my blog explode”.

When I started this hobby, it was my intention to blog every day for a year, and then re-evaluate.  RRs will know I fell off that wagon for a bit over summer when camping, with the shite wifi coverage and it being too hot to sit a computer on my legs.  I can only do so much for the sake of my ‘art’.  That, and the fact that those Coronas and Mojitos weren’t gonna drink themselves.  And the blog-a-day thing got shelved pretty early on too, when I realised that children suck the creative right out of my brain, so five a week is all I can manage.

So I suppose we’ve settled into a bit of a rhythm here, you, and I.

I hope you’re still having fun over here with blog.

I am.  And I’ve made some inroads into making this little hobby a bit more than that.  I have some ideas of things you might like to read as ebooks, and I have enrolled in a seminar to help with getting more readers over here, and possibly to make some money to pay for hosting fees and my swisho new business cards.

business card

So thanks for reading this past year.  Thanks for sharing, and thanks for all the comments.  Those things really make this space a fun place for me to come and play.

So on blog’s birthday, I’d like to give you a chance to give me some feedback, constructive criticism, that kind of thing.  Tell me what you love and hate about blog, what you’d like to see more of.  You can answer down there in the comments.  I’ll listen, I promise.*  I might even send you a pressie.*


*Fingers might be a little bit crossed


…From The Ashers xx