Is Everything Broken?

I was talking to my clever friend this week, about some things that I wanted to do to my workspace; renovate, get more staff, get more stuff, you know, the things that you usually do.  I was going on and on, and his eyes glazed over, and then he snapped out of it and said, “It sounds like you might be trying to fix something that isn’t really broken. Maybe things are great just how they are.”


I had no words (which is unusual).  So I just said “Mmm” and changed the subject.

But I couldn’t shake it.  I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that maybe I’m trying to fix something that needs no fixing, no intervention.  And maybe I do this in other areas of my life.  Creating jobs and drama and discord where they don’t need to be.  Messing with things that are fine just how they are.

I thought about all the things I try to modify, or move around to make improvements.  I’m always trying to make things and people better.  But what if they are at their best just how they are?

I remembered a time when I was trying to do it to Nathan, to make him happier of course, and another clever friend said, “Leave him alone he’s perfect, and happy just how he is.  He just needs a comfy couch, a cold beer, a good game of footy, a good feed and a good woman by his side.”  I laughed at the time, but the sentiment probably isn’t that far from the truth.  Could it be that it is really all that simple?

I saw on The Book Of Faces today that said this: “Trying to be what you’re not is tiring, boring and limits your chances of success.  Be honest about what you actually enjoy doing…. Pretending to like like yoga or politics because  you think you should doesn’t help anyone…”

I won’t pretend to like politics right now, but I do often feel a leetle biiit guilty about not doing yoga.

So today, I’m looking at what I am, instead of feeling guilty about all the things that I am not. I do love a list, so I’ll be writing one, whilst I sing along to this little tune from my birth year:

Do what you wanna do… (Because I Love You: Masters & Apprentices)

From The Ashers xx

What do you really want to do or be?

Are you trying to fix anything that isn’t really broken?