It’s a Sunday Night Shutdown

Today the following things occurred:


I did a presentation.  The computer and the projector did not communicate.  So that was fun.

I did a presentation.  For free.  From the goodness of my heart.  And I got trolled, IRL, by a dude from Deliverance (Or possibly regional Queensland.  Same-same.  Apologies to regional Queensland readers, but if you are reading this, I am not referring to you, because: computers and READING.)  So that was “fun”.  I might tell you about it someday.

I did a presentation.  AT 8am ON A SUNDAY.  If this doesn’t put me closer to someone’s god, then I give up.



I sat in as the support person, with Coco as the patient, for four hours whilst would-be paediatricians poked and prodded her, trying to figure out what the hell this rare and usual thing she has, is.  Hint: read my blog MoFos.  This is our fifth time in the hot seat.  I can’t wait for the day when I have a book called ‘One in Four’ on the best-seller list, and they can just waltz in, recognise us from the INTERWEBZ  and stop saying weird-ass shit like; “I think she her liver measures within normal limits” or “her bruising is pathological” (she just learnt to ride a two-wheeler bike MoFos) or “her dentition is normal”.*

And lastly: I have just found out that Elementary is not on tonight.  I do not know what sorcery has created this travesty, but I fear I shall be forced to go and watch that 50 Shades of Shit trailer…again.

Oh no, Sweet Baby Cheeses, I just switched over to some crap channel and I saw precocious children singing duets.  Synapses: seared.


But, because the world can only exist when there is a balance of negative and positive (Is this true?  Or an AlisonFact?**) these things also happened:

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE IS ON THE TELLY RIGHT NOW.  Forget Pretty In Pink or St Elmo’s Boring, this is the movie of EVERY generation.  (Also: I love you Channel 11.)



Flowers. Sooooo glad they are Gerbys. They might be SO 1995, but THEYDON’TSTINK


I found this cashola in a secret spot in my handbag whilst looking for a lippy. 4 pineapples and a slice of lettuce? Yes thank you.


Dunno what it is, but I’ll say YES (x4). So I might be a bit wobbly whilst writing this post. Hence, all of the boldz.


Also: The Silverback has done the food shopping for the week, AND is now doing the ironing, whilst I swill away. Schwiiiinggg!


So there you go: It’s a Sunday Night Shutdown here at The Asher’s Joint.  (Thanks for the advice Mrs Woogie).  The Evil Geniuses were allowed to stay up 47 minutes past curfew,  til 7.30pm, with a pinky swear that they would not emerge from their bedrooms until 6.30am or later.  So we shall see.  Could be a sweet deal.

Hope your weekend was a ripper, and deserving of a true Sundyniteshutdown.

Over and out.


*Sorry if you are one of those docs.  I know you were nervous.  But: normal dentition???  She has seven good teeth.

**Alison means “Little Truthful One”, so QED


….From The Ashers xxx