We were given tix to see the newest Pixar movie last night;  Cars Planes.  (Thanks Olivia!)

This is not a rave review.  Basically, Planes is the movie Cars, but planes.  I don’t think it is a spoiler to say: young upstart, cranky old guy who comes good, win-at-all-costs baddie, treacherous female, supportive friends and a Never Give Up attitude at altitude.  With a twist at the end.*

The worst news: it was in 3D.  I bloody hate 3D.  I hate the second hand glasses that don’t fit on my pin-head, I hate the vertiginous feeling as things come flying out at you, for no apparent reason.  3D is so distracting.  And really adds nothing to the movie.

But I do love Pixar.  They make beautiful pictures with gorgeous colour.  There were a couple of scenes that I’d love to see at home on my awesome telly (Thanks Darren), without the stupid 3D-iness.  And without any kids in the cinema.  The kid who was kicking my seat through THE WHOLE BLOODY MOVIE will not be invited.

But this post is not about that, it’s about this: our kids bloody loved it.  Whilst I was yawning and trying to stay awake, they were lapping it up.  Liam said on the way out that his “heart was racing through the whole thing, was your’s racing too Mum?”  Apparently it was exciting.  He was quoting lines, and having discussions about what type of planes certain fighter jets were, and then giving reasons why “they weren’t F-18s due to bomb positions , but they may have been Tomcats or Eagles” or some shit.

As they talked about how thrilling the movie was and which character they wanted to be, I started to like the movie. And when I heard how great Dusty was, and how they wished they could fly like that, I liked it a little bit more.  And by the time they were describing how good it was that all Dusty’s friends helped him and how he just kept on trying, I just loved that movie too.

Kids eh?  They might teach us a thing or two, but they sure do screw with our taste.


*There was no twist.  That was a trick.

What’s your fave kids movie?

Do you like 3D?