Change It Up

For the next month I’m doing something a little different… My friend and often partner in crime silliness is away for a month, so I’m doing a locum for her. This used to be my job back in the dim dark ages before kids, and I bloody loved it. Working in someone else’s practice is invigorating and fresh in ways that defy good sense. I mean, chiro never changes, people are similar the world over, and anatomy doesn’t have that much variation. Yet stepping into someone else’s practice is delicious and strange. It’s almost like reading someone’s diary, when they say you can. You’re not doing the wrong thing- they gave you the key- but you know you are peeking behind the curtain. And I love what’s behind the curtain. I love being allowed into the workings of another person’s mind. I love trying to see the world as they might. Working in someone else’s space is a little like that. It’s fun and curious and humbling all at once.

So this morning I’ve crossed the bridge, left The Shire, and set myself up in Sam’s office. I bought some creature comforts; my own activator, my own computer, and I’ve stepped into some of hers, whilst following the procedures manual to the letter. (I’m good with a list).

Even though I’ll be doing the work I’ve done for eons, and probably even reuniting with some people from our old days when we worked in the same office, my world seems somehow different today. I had a new spring in my step as I walked through the shops just now, and I have felt extremely professional and competent turning on lights, popping out the signage, checking the messages.

Full disclosure: I am a bit of a dolt sometimes, so I am aware that there will be some plot twists and winding side roads over the next month (I’ve already been asked about someone’s third-party payer that I have no idea about), but there is something intoxicating about setting forth on new adventures. Sometimes a change in geography is all it takes. I feel a little like Bilbo.

So this weekend, I hope that you have something different to look forward to this week. Our brains of course love habit- they try to make as many things in our day habitual as possible because it’s soothing, but this little brain also loves novelty, and so it is getting some nice little zings as this newness unfolds.

Wish me luck.

And Sambo, sorry if I mess up your EFTPos. I think this is fairly likely- I’m sure you are expecting that.

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