Magical Thinking

Do you believe in magical thinking? I do. I know deep down that what we sing about, we bring about. And by that I mean: the things we love to think on, the things we give energy and good juju to, are the things we attract. Of course we have to add lots of fun and allow for time, but it seems to me, if we want things enough and are prepared to do the work for them, we very often get them.

And then there’s magical thinking.

I got thinking about magic a couple of days ago when I went into Unit Two’s garbage dump bedroom and noticed this picture by the gorgeous Kate Knapp on the wall. We got this for Coco when she was a little screamapillar, probably more for us that for her (she couldn’t read, after all) so we could think of a future for her that was more sunshine and unicorns than the one the medical staff were suggesting. Her bedroom these days is littered with half used lip gloss tubes and Minties wrappers, back then it was filled to the brim with life-affirming slogans and brain-enhancing paraphernalia. It’s been a long moment since I noticed this pic, with Saffy the skaterdog living large. Take a look: she’s wearing roller-skates. And guess what Coco’s fave activity outside of scroll-holes and hot-water-depleting-showers is? Yep, give the lady a prize, it’s rollerskating. Magic? Or coincidence?

Then there’s the vision boards I’ve created over the years. At one stage the kids told me to be careful what we put on them, because “everything on them comes true”. (Well duh, dummies; that’s the point). It think it was the day that I was putting a picture of a restaurant I wanted to go to, replete with food porn pic. The kids were going through what we shall call their “culinary white phase” so the rainbow of nutrients gave them palpitations. (Don’t worry kids, you were not invited any way.)

So I looked around at the other pics that adorn our walls: the painting of Nath and I staying true to our promises. The Leunig that reminds us to be where we are. and who we are and shut out the “next shiny thing” noise. The blackboard scrawl reminding us of how lucky we are. The little bookcase light that says, “Do things that matter” and helps me to shrug off the things that don’t.

There’s more of course: I’m a purpose gal- I don’t choose to collect things, ideas or people that don’t have significance to me, so it’s been fun to have a look at the things that our home is peppered with, and be reminded of how the magic can unfold. How affected we can be by slogans and ideas and pictures of the world we wish to inhabit.

This week I’ve been motivated to create some vision boards- one for the house upgrades we will be working on next, and another for my beautiful life over the next five years. I can already see some things lining up, simply by surrounding myself with the magic. Isn’t magic funny. It works even when you aren’t checking in on it.

Now the only concerning thing is this delightful little vision that Unit Two put on the ceiling above my bed a week or so again. Oh Cillian… why did they do this to you?

I’m sorry Cillian