Something Delicious

Shall we talk about something nice now?

The reason I blew the dust off the pages of this blog and decided to put fingers to keyboard again was because I felt like I wanted to add some value to the world. I have a busy bee of a brain, and I can move through a myriad of thoughts and feelings within a day, and I thought some of them could be of interest or use to you too. Lovely friends read my musings and tell me to write a book. Something longer and well constructed and more impactful, but I think we have to be honest here: I’m essentially a light-weight. Just as I love to talk a good talk about loving Veuve; two glasses and I’m pretty well gone. Samesies for personal development: I read all the books and do all the things, and then it comes to pass that all I really want to do is be like Cyndi says. Plus imagine an edit? No thanks. I’m too fragile to be told that I have to change something.

Funny, because just as I wrote that par above, a friend messaged me that I should take a look at Substack. Some kind of writing forum I guess. Mayhap I will. Or maybe I’ll just plod along doing what I do here with no real plan or goal other than looking after my mentals, amusing me, and possibly you.

So something nice:

I said I wouldn’t do any more grief posting, but I do have one more thing to add. I won’t tell you the whole story today- but suffice it to say, last year I won at a silent auction at a fundraiser in support of someone who’s life is entwined with mine. My bid won, which meant that we got to go to The Long Apron up in the hinterland for an amazing five course degustation and wine pairing. I’m not a winey, so I love it when someone does all the work and chooses the perfect blend. It’s always amazing to me at how certain flavours go together and can in fact change the entire dish. People are so clever.

But back to the Hinterland. As you can tell, I have some griefs going on: my kid has moved out, my cat got munched, and it’s winter, which is always a time for me to go internal and reflect. So being able to take some time out to go and stay up in the hills was an amazing privilege. Do you find that? Getting out of your own home can have huge benefits. It helps you to see things a little differently, and to come back home with new eyes. Added to that, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is gorgeous. We have these little towns nestled into the cliff side, so there are views right back to the coast, and yet you are in another world. The shops are different, the restaurants are different, and the weather is different. On Sunday we drove home through actual fog, something I haven’t seen in about twenty five years.

I guess the point of today’s post is not to make you feel a certain kind of way, but to perhaps remind you to think a certain kind of way. To remember that your brain loves novelty almost as much as it loves familiar routine, and that by expanding that part of your mind; the curious, light-hearted, fun seeking part, you will allow yourself to step back into the routine with renewed energy, hope and gratitude.

It’s worth a try.

Views to the coast from Montville

PS Pop over to my insta if you want to see pics of the food, and a wine glass bigger than my pin-head.