Hello, my name is Alison and it has been six days since I have blogged.

Sorry about that RRs… We had an internet shut down for a day, which was later fixed by the nicest offshore Optus representative you ever did call.  Then all things Christmas and alcohol related took over.

My Mum is here, and she holds my blog in disdain, so being the good girl that I am, I haven’t made time to sit in the apple orchard and ruminate on the state of the nation.

I had intended to regale you all with my excellent Christmas planning and exploits (which are extensive and organised and pinteresty) but then: alcohols happened.   And the the best laid schemes o’ bloggers and men… gang aft a-gley.

As we, er, speak the Gris-ashers are packing the cars to go camping, approximately 29.1kms south of all things safe, secure and sparkling.  There will be no internet, and so, I’m sorry to say, no blog.  For a whole week.

It feels a bit weird, to be honest.  I’ve kind of gotten used to you lot, but I promise I’ll be back next week.

Enjoy your hols… May your bubbles be tiny and lively on your tongue, and your mozzie bites few.

Merry Belated Christmas, Happy New Year, and of course, Happy Birthday to me.  Seeya on the other side. xx