Some Housekeeping

The little bloggy break sort of turned into the whole summer holidays off, didn’t it?  Sorry about that for all of you who have been waiting patiently and asking.

We have been camping and playing at the beach, and going on road trips and just generally galavanting around…  It’s been lush.

And now it’s time for the real world again, so the blog is back.. or at least it will be next week.

I have decided I might not blog every day.  I might, but I might not.  Some days I have big days in my real job, and I think you end up having to read crappy stuff, so I might just have a day off instead.  Some other days I might have a play writing down some ideas for this book thingy I’ve had pinging around in my cranium for a bit…so I might have a day off.

I will continue to spam your FB and Twitter time-lines, telling you when I’ve posted, but you might consider clicking on the pink link at the top of the page to have updates emailed to you directly.  Or you could click on one of the green icons up there ^ to get the blog via email or RSS.  (RSS is my personal fave- it’s how I get all my blogs sent to me).

This year I hope to get a couple of advertisers on the blog- you’ll see ’em on the side-bar over there >>>> once I can figure out how to get that sorted.  So if you do choose to subscribe, I reckon that would help.  And if, by chance you do like the blog, sharing the link on your FB or Twitter feeds would be ace.

So there you have it… The bloggy manifesto.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing.