Today I…

Today I have cleaned the house from bottom to top. (This includes sorting all the Sylvanians from the Polly Pockets)

Today I have wrapped up all the Christmas presents in order to help a Santa out.

Today I have designed the Christmas menu and printed it out.

Today I have been to the shops to take back some presents because we had too many things.

Today I taxied the kid around in a Taco Boy car with Mexmusic blaring to try and drum up business for that joint.

Today I did five loads of washing, including all the towels and all the sheets.

Today I did two comb-throughs to check for nits (all clear, whew)

Today I ate eight Roses chocolates.

Today I drank two glasses of moderately fancy Savvy.

Today I let the kids play on the computers for over an hour without a break.

Today I did absolutely no exercise.

Today I reckon I spent about ninety-four minutes on the interwebs, namely the socs.

Today I spent too much time thinking about that stuff that I read on the interwebs, where people weren’t playing nice.

Today I sat on my top deck and ignored my family for half an hour whilst I read a magazine.

Today I missed some people who have passed away, and then dwelled on that a bit.

Today I let my Mum do lots of jobs.

Today I was too tired lazy to write you a proper blog.


So I guess there’s good and bad in every single day.

Hope you have more of the good in yours today… Or maybe exactly the same of each, for the sake of balance… Happy last day before Christmas eve day, day.  It’s very exciting, isn’t it?

Did I mention I wore antlers all day?