Inspired by Margie and Carl

I love wedding photos.

Part of the reason I love them  is because I loved my own our own wedding so much that it is a reminder of our day; the planning, the lists, the creation, and the completion of a cycle- all things that I love.  Couple that with me us being the centre of attention for a whole day, and it’s a winning formula. But more than that, our wedding day was designed to be one of inclusion and fun and love and playfulness, and that is the feeling that stirs in me whenever I look at someone else’s wedding photos.

I love to look into the eyes of the bride, and see her happiness, as it always goes beyond the arc of her mouth: it permeates all of her.  In the curve of her neck, the glimmer of her skin, the gloss of her hair.  She carries a glow with her all day and into night, and the people who love her will come close to bask in it a while, and murmur sparkling diamonds in her ears of how breath-taking she looks, how joyful, how in love.  She will store up those diamonds for years to come, and perhaps they will give her confidence in things new.

The secret thing I love to do at weddings is to watch the groom.  In the moment when all are straining forward to catch the very first glimpse of the bride as she comes into view, I have my eye to the viewfinder, ready to snap the look on his face, when he sees his bride-to-be for the first time.  I am a spy, catching a moment of raw emotion.  A voyeur, watching a private moment, unmasked.  It is such a special thing, to see that look of pure love, laced with longing.

By far my favourite thing is the capturing all of the little moments: the groom with a wisp of a joke that makes her laugh and lean in to him, her best friends making a sparkling toast, the flower girl and page boy clasping chubby hands, a close up of the discarded bouquet.

So many signs of love.  So much hope.  So much promise.


What is your favourite wedding moment?


…From The Ashers xxx