We Always Say Yes to Nutella*

Nutella: Are you in or out?

It’s gotta be said, I’m in.  I don’t care for it at all on bread, but as a fall back emergency chocolate supply, it’s a winner.  Just dip your finger in (or teaspoon, for the more cultured among us) and eat.  Craving averted.

So perhaps you can imagine my joy at finding not one, but two Nutella recipes floating around the soc’s this week, and both are dead easy.

Nutella Chocolate Mousse

1.  Chuck a container of cream in a bowl and beat until it is frothy. (I used 300mls)

2.  Blend in half that amount of Nutella. (I used 150g)

3.  Pour into some kind of glass, ramekin or other thingy and refrigerate overnight.  I did it for about 4hrs because: mousse.

Oh my goodness, and sweet baby cheeses, this mousse is tres fantastique (possibly a fancy foreign lingo)


Nutella Cupcakes (kinda like brownies I reckon)

1.  Three ingredients:  280g Nutella, 60g plain flour and 2 eggs.

2.  Blend ’em together

3.  Spoon into small patty pans and bake at 160degrees for a while.  I did about 15mins

Oh hello sweet little chocolatey snacks… yes I do think I will have two… especially good for the cupcak-ily challenged ones like my own self, whose cupcakes usually end up as pretty good door-stops


And there you have it.  Two unreal recipes to get your chocolate on, without even trying.  Don’t say I never give you anything.  See you on MKR or some other cooking show.  As you can tell, cooking is my life and my passion.


*Actually, I use Nutino.  Because it’s about a buck fifty cheaper for the large jar, and I can’t tell the difference.  Sorry Nutella.  Maybe one day we shall meet again when you are on special.


What is your go-to choccie fix?