Hitwave Alison

Here they are, the hits of the week:

1.  These Hammamas towels… They fold up tiny.  They’re cotton.  They’re awesome.  Get some.


2.  This cool little pate knife.  It’s made by a lady in Tassie, and you should have seen the packaging. I.can’t.even.  Modelled on a Sycamore seedpod.  It’s a beautiful little thing.  A perfect gift.  Check her out here

Pate knife3.  These little thingys by Marion.  Just the thing when you can’t be bothered cooking.  Ahhhh Marion, you may make tasty food, but on the table in 20 minutes?  Marion, you are an amateur.  Get a cooked chook and it’s on the table in under 10.  Sunday night? Sorted.

Pad Thai

4.  Watching Coco practice on her new violin.  She’s so tiny and it’s so tiny and she’s sooo cute.

5.  I remembered about THIS ad last night.  You can trawl through all the other ones if you like, but I dunno why, I just love this one.


And I do have just one “shit”: Mike Brady singing the new Foxtel Footy ad.  Messing up the quintessential footy song of my childhood: Not cool.

How was your week?  Any hits?