Hitwave Alison

All in all, a pretty BLOODY week for The Ashers…


1.  I’ve already spoken about Coco’s transfusion here. She was also in a magazine.  Here’s the link if you want to read the story of her blood stuff in “Life” (Page 8)

The hit: Coco is now all pepped up, and this time she says she received “playful” blood.  So thanks anonymous playful donor.  Love your work.


2.  I gave blood.  It all went perfectly, as it usually does.  Since contracting The Menopause my blood pressure has been kinda low, so on blood donation days I have to get all stressed up.  They take my bp, say it’s too low to donate, and then give me one more chance.  I think of stressful things (like having a Neuroanatomy exam I haven’t studied for, or not having the right shoes to match the rest of my outfit.) for a bit and then viola: 91/58 mmHg.  Amazing what a little good stress can do for ya.

The hit: I got to make a little deposit into the blood bank.  It’s good to know The Ashers aren’t always just makin’ withdrawals.

PS Did you know, 1 in 3 of us will need blood at some stage in our lives, but only 1 in 30 donate?


3.  The cat got a bloody eye, which of course I wrote all about here… She had surgery and so now we wait.  If the eye ‘deflates’ she will need a “very expensive second operation” or, as I have told the kids, we will have a very cute pirate cat.  Henceforth she will be called: Woofarrr.  All Dad jokes aside though, I have to say the vets at Noosa Animal Hospital were unreal.  I spoke to the after-hours vet at about 10pm, and I have to say, I wasn’t making much sense (as I was convinced the cat had no eye) and he was soothing and understanding and didn’t tell me to stop being an idiot once (at least not out loud).  If only we could all be so kind to one another in times of stress.


4.  We can’t go bloody camping (due to cat eye ointment applications), and seeing as there is now a category five cyclone Up North that will probably send some weather this way, it is probably a blessing in disguise.   The hit: we are dragging out the fire pit and going camping at home.  With showers.  And toilets.  And a fridge.  So, ummm, why were we going camping again?

PS Stay safe FNQlders.


5.  My Mum came to stay and look after the brats and she got sucked into cooking both nights.  Yippee for me.  The first night was a bloody beautiful (bloody) Thai Beef Salad.  How good is dinner when you don’t have to cook it?  Bloody good, that’s how good.  Thanks Mum.  You rock (AND you bring fancy wine).


Do you have any bloody hits?  Share.

…From The Ashers xx