Hitwave Alison

So, the hits of the week are….

1.  Mother’s Day.  I think it should be every Sunday.  No whinging, no working and: PRESENTS.  I would even forgo the sleep-in if required, just to have the other stuff.  Look that these cute little hands.  Have you ever?

Mothers Day Rocks

Plus, it gave me a pretty good reason to sloth about (you know how I loathe love such behaviour) for much of the day looking like this:

I know, I can't believe I'm posting this pic on the internet either!  Me, sans makeup and with pressies.

I know, I can’t believe I’m posting this pic on the internet either! Me, sans makeup and with some of my loot…Note the excellent uggs I purchased for myself.


2.  Food Revolution Day TODAY Friday 16th.

Food Revolution Day

Are you cooking anything with your kids?  We are doing tacos and burritos (shredded beef in the slow cooker OF COURSE).  It’s cheating a bit because we are using store bought tacos, but we are doing the tortillas from scratch thanks to BabyMac with the recipe.  Move over Taco Boy, here come the Asher Kids.  We are also making cupcakes, cooked and decorated by the kids.  They’ll be like door-stops, because I know not what it takes to make a good cupcake, and they’ll be garish, for my kids know not what it takes to make things look palatable, but we will have fun, and that, I think is Jamie’s point.  We are actually doing Food Revolution Weekend- the kids have designed the menu (yes it does involve homemade pizzas and herbs from their own garden), so according to the experts, that should make them want to eat it.  Hmmmm… I’ll get back to you on that one.


3.  Astrology charts.  Have you ever had yours done?  Well I haven’t, but just got Coco’s done, and I’m getting the rest of ours over the next couple of weeks.  It’s amazing.  And confusing.  So you need a consultation with the person to interpret it for you, but HoleyRoses it’s pretty crazy.  Tells you all sorts of stuff about the person, not in a prediction type way, but I guess it could do that, but more in an understanding why the hell they are so nut and why the do blah when they should could do blahblah, way.  In my non-professional opinion every parent should get one done for their kids.  It might help in understanding the kid you have, instead of trying to make them into the one you think they should be.  Maybe.  If you want details of the chick who did ours, let me know.  I think you can do the consult part over the phone, so you don’t have to be on the Sunshine Coast.


4.  This slightly cooler weather.  I know! Who’d have thought I’d ever say that?  But I am kind of liking getting my tootsies into some footwear that aren’t thongs, and maybe even considering a scarf one day soon.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my whining about the cold soon enough, but let me have just this little bit of joy.

Today.  It's not really what other people call Autumn though...

Today. It’s not really what other people call Autumn though…


5.  These shoes.  I’m on my feet all day on a work day, so I like, nay REQUIRE a comfy pair.  In my ripe old age, I have resorted to wearing Birkis in Summer.  (Shhh, don’t tell Nikki and Jools, they’ll FREAK)  But in the cooler months I need something more.  I wear my twenty-six year old Doc Martens in full winter, but for this bit I usually get a pair of Merrills.  And then I found these:

Novo shoes

I’m not necessarily in love with the buckle (I wanted another style but they didn’t have my size) but they are SO BLOODY COMFY that I can forgive them.  I have kind of narrow feet, so ballet flats are often too wide for me- I have to have structured ones, which aren’t very comfortable, or elastic ones, that can dig in, leaving train tracks all over my delicate princess-pods.  These are elastic but NO digging.  They rule.  And they were CHEAP, so cheap that you got some deal with the second pair half price.  #Winning.  The brand is Novo.  Nope, I’ve never heard of it either, but they have a whole shop at the Plaza so I guess they’re a chain store.  Go there now.

….That’s all folks….  And no, this is not a sponsored post (sigh).


…From The Ashers xxx