Hitwave Alison

Check out the hits:

1.  Warranties.  How good are they when they work out?  I’ve got a newish car, MissXtrailia2013, and she’s developed a bit of a knocking sound somewhere down there and over to the left.  Dunno what it is.  So I took her to Nissan and they cleaned her and fussed over her, serviced her and checked her over and said she’s a bit broken due to all the hardcore four-wheel driving I do, and they: 1. knew she was under warranty, and 2. got the bits sorted and fixed her.  I didn’t even have to fill out a form.  You little bewdy.


2.  School holidays. Yippee.  Finally.  Blood transfusion today, and a sneaky flight a bit southward for a long weekend.  Ahhh, the freedom.  Can’t wait for some jammie days.  I will not be doing my hair (Hello boys).


3.  Blood donors.  Thanks for giving us a new fresh life, with a happy child.  If you’d like to join in on the best party in town, you can book a spot on  13 14 95.  Go on, you know you want to.


4.  Ryan Reynolds movies.  Yet again, there was one on late on a Wednesday night, this time with an intriguing and original story: two people, envious of each other’s lives, a freakish act of nature, followed by a body switch, whereby the duo learn to love their own lives. So yeah, not intriguing or original at all, but like all Ryan Reynolds movies, once they start I am compelled to watch them until the end.  Even if that end is midnight on a school night. Perhaps it was the thoughts that were provoked: Who would I like to swap lives with? Would I prefer my own challenges to someone else’s? Why do humans have to have something taken away before they appreciate what they have?   Or perhaps I was just compelled to watch in case Ryan got his shirt off.

Ryan Reynolds

You’re Welcome
(Saved you watching the shitty movie)


5.  Dirty Laundry on ABC2 on Thursday nights at 9.30pm.  Watch it.  Lawrence Mooney is a funny bugger and they say the eff word a lot.  Worth staying up for.   Unlike the above (shirt issues notwithstanding)


So there you have it.  A weird week, but ending up full of hits just the same.

Happy school holidays.  May your children sleep in and then offer to clean the skirting-boards.


…From The Ashers