Hitwave Alison

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Here they are, Hit me baby one more time:

1.  These choc chip biccies.

Choc chip biscuit

Food styling: 0
Taste: 9

You may recall that I accidentally purchased some incorrect chocolate chips a few weeks ago?  Well I ate all of those (It’s amazing how quickly one chip here and another one there ads up to a whole packet) and then, accidentally bought another packet.  Damn.  So I’ve been making biccies to use ’em all up.  They are not pretty, but THEY ARE DELISH.  I can’t be bothered typing out the recipe, but you can find it right here.


2.  Anna’s Wild Yam Cream.  If you have The Menopause, or even if you don’t, (but you are a bit of a bitch once a month when Aunty Flo comes to visit), get thee to the health food shop and buy this stuff already.  It’ll change your life, or at least the life of those around you.   In that there still will be lives around you.  I’ve been using it for a bit, and I didn’t know if it was making any difference, so I had a three day break this week.  Seeing as I wanted to CRUSH ALL OF THE JOY out of my children during the ‘break’, I think it’s safe to say it works.  Get some.

If you are a lady.

If you are a man, why are you reading this chick-blog?  Maybe you need some too.  For your mangina.


3.  This watch.


I bought it at the airport the day I was flying down to Newy on the day my mate Hayls died.  I knew why I was going down, and I knew it wasn’t going to be anything good, so I wanted to get something to mark the day.  Something I thought I might never wear, but something to etch out a space.  To take out from time to time and hold.  And remember.  And laugh-cry-rage-sob-grieve.

Turns out, I wear it a lot.  And there is not a time that I look down at it without thinking of my mate.  I think of the time we had together (not enough) and the good times (many) and then all of the times that I wish I could have her back.  Not like some people say, “for just one more day”.  Stuff that, I want her back for good.  For all the times.


4.  Have I raved on about these kids before?  Probably.  But in case I haven’t, check out Lennon and Maisy here.  I want to be them.  Or be like them.  Or something.


5.  This:

temperature gauge

Seriously, Queensland, you have gone mad.  And I like it.  Happy Winter.


What are your hits?  Any baking ideas?

…From The Ashers xx