Hitwave Alison

Here are the hits of the week from ’round these parts:

1. My new YouTube channel. You may have heard that Edenland has started a lip sync competition in honour of her little brother, so I did one, then another, and now I think I’m getting a bit addicted. Lookout internet world, I know* the words to lots of songs….


2. Liam, for organising a “Golden Garage Sale”. The kids have cleaned out their cupboards and collected some other bits and pieces to have a garage sale this weekend. The money is going to World Vision, and the items won’t be priced, we will just hope people are generous with their gold. I’m proud of them for giving up their stuff and their time to raise some money for other kids.


3. Coco for performing a solo violin piece this week. It was reputedly “Mary had a little lamb”. Regardless of how much my ears were bleeding, I was proud of her for being able to get up in front of an audience to play. No chance I could have done that at seven. Or now.


4. Nurse Jackie. As usual, I’m probably late to the party regarding this tv stuff, but I saw my first episode this week. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but it wasn’t reality television, and it wasn’t a crime show. It was gritty and grotty and I hope I can find it again to see what it’s all about.


5. Painting the house. How good is it? My office was looking a bit tired, so we painted it last weekend, and then I accidentally kept on going, to some other walls, then some balustrades and some skirtings. It’s bloody marvellous- much better than cleaning.


How was your week? Any hits?

Have you done a song for Eden yet?


*Possibly not the correct words.


…From The Ashers