Hitwave Alison

So here they are, the hits of the week… (I’d love to hear yours as well you know- sharing is caring, after all).

1.Bringing back blog. I had a funny start to the week- a bit wobbly in some ways, and I realised I wasn’t taking enough time to do the little things I like. Nothing astounding, just a bit more water, a bit more sun on my skin, and a bit more mucking around on the keys. Not piano keys (I won’t torture you with my rendition of Ode to Joy, which is the only song I know), but the keys of this little golden MacBook. It has a way of pulling the truth out of my fingers and I didn’t realise how much I had missed that. So “hi”.

2. RIP kettle (yes the little fucker is almost brand new), so hello warranty claims and all that happy crappy. (That’s a lie, that stuff is never happy is it?). The upside- and there always is an upside isn’t there- is that I was “forced” to go out for a coffee which slowly grew into a second breakfast, perched up in the Noosa treetops at Peppers. Big high ceilings, the chirp of holiday-makers, and staff that let you savour your moments. Five stars.

3. Heres’s another double-edger: a girls’ weekend away at The Goldy with The Heathers (I’ll tell you about them sometime- maybe that’s a story for the Secret Asher Stories?) canned due to Rona, so for once I’ve decided to gift myself the weekend off. So Cokesi and I will trundle down the Big Bruce to BrisVegas for some gyoza-fuelled shopping time. You’ve gotta grab your moments these days, don’t you? We are grateful that we are able to drive more than ten kilometres for something that some would consider non-essential (those someones clearly haven’t seen Coco after a Bubble Tea, diving into Zara Teens.

4. The Joe Dispenza course I completed this week. Thanks Hay House for marketing like MoFos until I finally signed up. The learning and the mediations are ace, but most of all, Joe got me clear on me. The Mind Movie “memory of the future” is a deal-breaker for a visual learner like me, who also loves some groovy (yes, I said groovy and I’m standing by it) music, and some words of affirmation. Hit me up if you want to know more. Bloody gold.

5. Old records. I reckon they hold some magic in their ridges. Telling stories of tunes past, each jump a reminder of a time when I danced too hard and too close to the needle on our old floorboards, or carelessly shoved a record back into its sleeve, rushing for the next song, the next song. Today I’ve got this one on rotation. I’m pleasantly surprised about how many of the spaces between the mondegreen of words I actually get right. Good songs get into your pathways don’t they? And they know how to take you to that place.


Hello old friend, I remember you.


So that’s it for my hits… What are yours? Did you have a moment of “Lively Up Yourself” this week?


…From The Ashers…