More Puberty

Pubic bone

Image courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy, 37th ed. I knew that bloody heft of a forest would come in handy one day…


Me: Hey mate, I hear you are growing a bit of a Mo, how’s it going?

Liam: Not bad, not bad at all.

(Strokes ‘moustache’ like his Pop used to do)

Liam: Yeah, its’ coming along, about on a par with my hairy legs, and a little in front of my chest wig.

(Lifts t-shirt to reveal Mr. Puniverse thorax, with a completely, absolutely and utterly, bald chest.)


Liam: It’s weird, I have this Mo, but no other public hair.

Me: Huh? Did you say public hair?

Liam: Yeah, you know, the public hair.

(Gestures to his nether regions. Thankfully he doesn’t feel the need to elaborate with a display at this time.)


Me: It’s called PUBIC hair, mate. As in, the hair that grows near the pubis, pubes, or pubic bone of your pelvis.

(Now I’m gesturing to my nether regions. Oh sweet life, WHAT is going ON here?)

Liam: Ohhhhh, I thought it was public hair, as in, it tells the public that you are ready to reproduce. And stuff.


Conversation Officially Terminated at 7.10am. Way too much information has been shared before my first coffee (or wine). I do not wish to know what “and stuff” is. Not at all.



So how are your pube-y talks coming along?

Have you been putting your pubes out in public? (For strictly reproductive reasons of course)

…From The Ashers xx