Where Are My Children?

The evil geniuses copped it a bit today… I might have been up singing Sing Star until around 1am.  And I might have been a little bit tired today.  So I might have been a little bit hasty in imposing a house-wide technology ban, given that a free-for-all-technology-a-rama would have been like having a virtual aspirin.

Anyway, we reap what we sow, and once a thing is banned in this joint there can be no going back.  I know what you’re thinking: just ‘unban’ it.  No.  Consistent follow-through is what is needed people.  Even at the expense of my brain cells clanging against each other with every small head movement.

So after the banning, they had to play.  Together.  Which, of course can go either way.

During Witching Hour (aka Wine Hour) I was preparing dinner and they decided to play some newly invented game: Mousey Jumpy or something.  Basically it involved them jumping over cushions in the lounge room, which is tiled.  Unit One set up the cushions and Unit Two (the least co-ordinated of the two) had to jump over them.  Onto tiles.  From the vantage point of my advanced age, wisdom and clingclangcrashing head, I just knew what was going to transpire, and I was faced with the parent dilemma: Let ’em do it and sort out the broken teeth later, or stop them for the sake of peace, and stifle their learning just a little bit.

I left them to it.  (Cringe)

Can you guess what happened?  Something extraordinary, that’s what.

As Unit Two was saying she couldn’t make one of the jumps, her big brother, who is mostly snide and often bossy toward her, said, “It’s okay Mousey, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make it the first time, just keep on trying.  Don’t say you can’t do it, you have to believe in yourself Mousey.  Come on, give it a go, and visualise your success.”


Who said that?

Did a commentator from The Superbowl sneak in, and broadcast through my son’s mouth?  Did aliens abduct my children and place themselves here in their place, waiting to suck out my dehydrated corpus callousum as I sleep this evening?  What just happened?

          Dear Aliens,    

          I want my children back.  Now please.  This is freaking me out.  

          Love logo_heart_32.png