Did you ever?

Did you ever meet someone so amazing, and such a good fit for your friend-finger that you knew right away you could slip them on, and then you’d be friends forever?

Did you ever have a person in your life who made you laugh so much that your face would get paralysed into a reverse Bell’s Palsy smile, and you would snort your drink out through your nose, again and then again?

Did you ever have a friend who knew all of the things about you so completely that they could predict what you should do, and they would know how to tell you so your soul could suck up the words better than a ShamWow?

Did you ever have a mate who sparkled so hard that she lit up every room she walked past, and you could just follow around in her afterglow, smiling?

Did you ever have a person who knew on a breath how to untangle your knots and smooth you out like Glad Wrap?

Did you ever have a friend who knew when you needed her to be funnyseriousrudesarcasticteasingsad?

Did you ever have your friend call you and tell you she was scared, so scared of the thing that the doctors were going to do to her, and that you knew you should fly, fly, fly to her and hold her and shield her with your wings and stop them from touching her with all of their stuff, but you didn’t?

Did you ever say a proper goodbye?