Habit or Choice?

You know what is interesting to me? I’ve found that writing a blog every day is kind of easy. Sure it takes time and effort and thought, but among that, it somehow becomes a habit. Something that gets done daily, regardless of whatever else is going on, and the writing space becomes a sanctuary all of its very own. Fingers click away on the black keys, and somehow wisps of ideas and words dance and weave together and organise themselves into something coherent. Sometimes they even become something half beautiful.

You know what is even more interesting to me? Writing a blog sporadically is extremely difficult. It becomes a task that should get done, might get done, will get done later. And later might be in the next hour or the next year. Until ideas become paralysed by insecurity (will it be good enough?) and indecision (should I even post that?). So it seems that Blanche d’Alpuget was onto something when she said, “Your muse shows up when you show up.”

So I’m wondering, what else in life is like that? Some things, most things, all things? What would happen if we didn’t have any structure or demands on our time and our minds? Would we get anything done at all if we had to make a decision about each and every thing in our day? Would we get decision fatigue and have to have a good lie down to the rest of our lives? Where would our muses go?

Today I’m looking at my habits. The good, the bad and the ugly resourceful, the less useful and those who can beat it, and wondering if I actually make any choices at all in my day, or if i just zoom along, habit to habit until I close my eyes for the night.

Perhaps the blog needs a resurrection.

***Erases the Facebook App from phone, for the fifth time today***


How about you? Are you habit powered, or do you mindfully choose your life?

…From The Ashers