Today both kids stayed in bed ’til 5.30am.

Today they ate all of their breakfast without complaining or having to be told eighty-seven times to sit up and eat their eggs, or stop putting on so much salt, or stop teasing/copying/looking at each other.

Today they made their beds without being asked four million and six times.

Today they got dressed, brushed their teeth and their hair in a timely fashion without being asked once.

Today I got to see the Grade 3 ukulele concert, and it was surprisingly good.

Today I had a great day at work, with so many fantastic old patients, and one new one.

Today my husband had my dinner cooked and a glass of red poured when I came up after work.

Today I got to read a gorgeous snippet of what I hope will be a twitter friend’s best selling novel.

Today I had some bills to pay, and I got them paid.

Today the self-inflicted, dancing-induced sore neck that I have, wasn’t as bad.  It’s healing.


Today was a good day.

And I am grateful for good days such as these.

They might not be earth-shatteringly exciting, or full of portent, or meaning.  They may not even be the days I will remember when I look back on the blessed life I have led.  And for that I am grateful.  Because some days just need to be good days.  And that is enough.


“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  -John Lennon.

How was your day?

Did you have a good day?