Turn Back Time

Sometimes I wish I could just turn back time.  Not in a Tina Turner kind of way, although that would be lovely for the fellas, but just go back to then.

Today I went past a place that I’d been in happier times.

That’s the thing when people leave, and you don’t.  The suburbs are plump with remembrance.  Sometimes they are so fecund they might burst forth, spilling juice and over-ripe thoughts all over you.  And sometimes they just lie there, rotting on the ground because nobody wants to pick them up.

Today I saw someone I know from happier times.

And there was a chasm stretching out between us that we didn’t know how to ford.  Or perhaps we didn’t even want to.  Because it would probably hurt a bit if we tried.  So we smiled pasted smiles and spoke of Smiggle and school holidays and “how about this rain?”

Buddy Holly had it right: “The weather man says clear today, He doesn’t know, You’ve gone away, And it’s raining, Raining in my heart.”

Sometimes music just knows.


What song describes your day?


…From The Ashers xx