I had the wind knocked out of my sails a little this afternoon, no big deal, just things might trot along a little bit differently than the way I had imagined.  Some longer term goals might need to shuffle around a bit.  Providentially I had been to the shops this very morning, exchanging a Mother’s Day pressie, that although very lovely and floral and well, motherly, wasn’t really my style.  Instead I swapped it for this book.

5years book


So I spent the rest of the day mucking around in my imaginary world, and rescheduling a few goals.

And now it is time for me to arrange myself on the couch to watch the House Rules reveal.

I am telling you all this by way of explaining why the Evil Geniuses are in charge of what you are receiving here as blog content.

I asked them for ideas and the following is what they came up with.  According to Unit One it’s viral, and at 159 million views, it appears he speaks the truth.  How do they know that?  Why haven’t we heard about it before this?  How do they know all the words, and even have a little pantomime arranged, and we adults have NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT?  Is there some secret child world where they go to and play Minecraft and Rainbow Loom all day?  So here it is, but before you click, beware: EARWORM.  Okay, click here now.

You’re welcome.

If it’s gonna drive you mad singling “Waddle Waddle” all day, there is an antivenin, and it is the sweetness of this one by the girls.  I’ve watched it approximately one million times and I still don’t know the tapping.  I want to be those girls.  Either one.

Have a fun day.  Happy singing.  (I might put the tapping on the top of my Five Year Goal list…)


Got any grapes?

…From The Ashers xx