Escape from Disneyland


My twitter is has gone cray-cray with all the talk of Miley and her performance with Robin at the VMAs.  To keep up with what the young people were talking about, I went and had a look, feeling a bit pervy as I clicked around YouTube to find the whole performance.  I expected to be shocked.

Now I know the song is awful, and the lyrics aren’t something I’m comfortable with any reasonable human singing along to, but in watching Miley’s contribution, I failed to be appalled.  I have seen various commentators suggesting Miley has lost respect for herself in parading around on her “nude-coloured” bikini (sounds so much more risqué when you hear it’s nude-coloured rather than beige, doesn’t it?).

I heard that Brooke Shields (who played her onscreen Mom in HM) had tweeted that Miley was “a bit desperate”.  Desperate for what Brooke?  Fame?  Attention?  To break away from being a syrupy Disney creation?  It’s show-business Brooke, surely fame and attention are the point of it… I don’t think she was desperate for whatever is in Robin Thicke’s horrid, too-tight, stripy pants.

One commentator even suggested that Miley should have toned it down out of reverence for Robin’s “lovely wife”. WHAT?  This is the man who sings Blurred Lines.  (I’m not even going to quote it here, lest there are people eating their dinner.)

I am just befuddled as to why so much of the spotlight is on Miley, and what kind of image she is portraying to her legion of young fans, rather than why there’s a creepy guy in a clown suit, looking like he’s trying to cop a feel of a girl young enough to be his daughter, whilst smiling, and singing glibly about rape.

Miley jumped around, she twerked, she poked out her tongue in a weird way (which by the way is hard to do- try it now- kind of hurts, huh?), but I couldn’t really seem to get offended.  Maybe I’m getting old, maybe I’ve seen too much, but I couldn’t find much to be appalled at.  For me, the worst thing was all the galavanting around with that huge hand.  I kept on expecting her to break into the Coles “down, down, prices are down” jingle.  Perhaps those old Coles codgers could’ve jumped up on stage.  Now THAT would have been appalling.

Were you shocked and appalled?

Can you twerk?