A Quickie…

Just a quickie today, because I don’t want y’all to think I’m neglecting you, or have forgotten you, but I’m KNACKERED after my weekend away.  This country mouse just can’t do the big city any more.  Or perhaps that’s just the Espresso Martinis talking.

Anyway, blogs will be forthcoming about our adventures I’m sure, but for the moment, let me tell you that Sydders (as I like to call her) is a different beast from Newsa, and I know this because I caught taxis everywhere.  And taxis tell you a lot about a town.

Up here cabbies tell you about; the weather, Toned Abs and the fact that he’d better not bring in Daylight Savings, or when the surf festival/food and wine festival/triathalon festival, or any other festival, starts.  And if you leave your $7.50 bestbargainintheknownworld high heels in their car, they drop them back at your front door.

In Sydders they’d rather not have a chat really, unless you count talking quietly to their mates on their earphone-microphone mobile phones.

However, if another cabbie slights them, they will bring on Armageddon. Shouty amageddon.


Our driver: What are you doing you idiot, why did you block me in?

Other driver: (Gesturing to front side panel) You didn’t have your light thing on that flashes me, how did I know you wanted outs?

Ours: Well you blocked me now you are costing my clients money.  Lots of monies.

Other: You should go back to school, you know the school where they teach you about driving, and about the little light thingy.

Ours: You are an idiotman and yous should go back to school.

Other:  No you should.  You don’t even know how to do the drives. You have to turn the big wheel for steering and also put on the light for me and the other drivers to see.

Ours:  You are mormon.

Other:  You are mormon more.


I suspect no one was actually a Mormon.  I suspect no one had been to that special school with lessons of blinky things, or possibly any school at all.

But at least no one talked about Tony Abbot and made my mind’s eye ill with the thought of him in his Speedos.  (Sorry, you can’t not think of it now can you?)


Seeya all tomorrow…. From The Ashers xx