It is “winter” here on the Sunshine Coast, and we are having an absolute ripper.  I may have mentioned whinged once or twice a billion times that the only thing I hate more than Winter is birds, but of course you can always shoot birds with a BB gun.  Winter just stays doesn’t it?  With the wind that stings, and cold that creeps into your marrow, so that you freeze from the inside out.  Well, right here, right now, none of those things are happening.  I am having my best winter ever.  Maybe it’s The Menopause, but I really don’t care.  I’m just so grateful.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Maroochy River

The Maroochy River. What a spot to sit and, well, just sit.



A husband who will get me a cup-of-cino to sit with. Easily the best drink invented: a coffee and a dessert in one.


Maroochy River

Looking at this river. Ahh, the beautiful Maroochy. I wish you could see the way the water was sparkling. All of those little ripples had shards of crystal bouncing and bopping on top of them.



Days long enough to make shadows with these gorgeous ones, who own my heart.


Sunrise view

Coming up the stairs to our own afternoon view. The air gets crisp as the sun dips down, but the big blue makes it almost worth it.


Piper Champagne

A bottle of something fancy. I’ve decided that my life is better if I have a good drop in the fridge. I don’t have to drink it (yet), I just like knowing it’s there. It’s comforting.


Sol Republic Deck

This thing from Sol Republic. It might not be the prettiest speaker deck in the world, but it pumps out the sound, and lights up your own colour when you log your device in.. And so the DJ battle begins. I foresee silly times ahead.


Florence and the Machine record

A new record, of new music.
I just found my own nirvana at JB.
How good is a new album? Opening it up, reading the liner notes. It’s just so big and so real. Don’t get me wrong, I love iTunes, but this is something special.


Sunrise at Sunrise

The sunrise at Sunrise Beach this morning. It was cool out, and cool to see. I like a later start. Thanks Winter.



One of these to go with the sunrise. No art. No frills. Just a good old George Clooney to warm the cockles.  I said cockles.



Crazy times with the trees at Sunspace Cafe today: a Tropical with an Autumn one against the flawless Noosa Blue sky.


Coconut Tree

Summer in a tin.
I was gifted this today from a friend, and it is perfect for a sun worshipper like me. Smells like summers past. Makes my skin feel like it’s sixteen again (well, almost).


So there you have it.  All the reasons why, for once, I’m great.  And full.

Don’t tell Summer.


How is your Winter going?  What is great about your place right now?

And yes, Yanks and Canadians, I know you’re in Summer already.  No need to gloat.


…From The Ashers xx