Indulge Me?

Look, I know it’s the maximum in indulgence, but I guess this is my blog after all, and I really want to share some of the gorgeous pics that beautiful, patient and talented Mazzy Fine Photography took for us last week (you may recall it was our ten year anniversary…or not, it’s not like I’ve mentioned it very often.)

The Scene:

7am, hot, very bright and sunny, two* reluctant adults, two hungry kids who had been bribed with breakfast at their favourite restaurant (Bistro C) if only they would get “just one more photo, smiling at the camera, don’t do that silly arm movement thing, yes I know your eyes are burning, smile Liam and don’t hit your sister, look up Coco.”  Oh, and randoms who were just trying to get on with their day and didn’t want to be obstructed with people promenading and taking photos on the boardwalk.

So yeah, Mazzy is one patient lady.  In the short time available she managed to get some rippers, all actually better than our original wedding photos. Wish we had Mazzy back in the day, as the young people say.

Feast your peepers on these babies:

Anniv- with photo

Then and now

Anniv- 10yrs later

Ten years later

Anniv- looking at water

All looking out, in the same direction…
Team Asher

Anniv- naughty kids

Some children are just ratbags

Okay, that’ll do I guess. Let me know if you want Mazzy’s details (she is too slack to have a website yet).

Before I go, I want to share with you the best comment of the day, by a lady we haven’t seen in, well, about ten years (her husband worked with Nath way back then, and they came to our “Wedding After Party” which we had back up here on the coast after our honeymoon), she was walking past, saw us and exclaimed, “Nathan, Alison, oh my god I was just thinking it looked like you, I came to your wedding after-party, you both look exactly the same, well pretty much exactly the same, I haven’t got my glasses on, but pretty much the same, other than you Nath, you’ve just got a bit more snow on the roof.”

So, in this, the final anniversary post: Happy Anniversary Wrinkly, Happy Anniversary Snowy. I look forward to walking along the next ten years worth of beaches.

Maybe to this: Our Wedding Song  (We learnt a Foxtrot to it… I couldn’t do it then, and I can’t do it now, but bloody hell, that music makes my heart do a little dance.)

Anniv- feet

Where-ever the path may lead….



* That’s clearly a lie, only one was reluctant and I guess you know that was me, as I’m so shy are retiring, like.

Special thanks to Amber for all the pinterest-y research and sharing the of photo styling ideas. Mwah.


How good is Noosa Main Beach looking?