The King Rules

Hello Constant Readers,*

I’ve had a long day working in my play job (because clearly, much like Anna Spargo-Ryan, I am a writer- this is my calling etc) so I really can’t be bothered blogging for y’all.

Plus, I have this to, ummm, got to bed with:

SK book

His Majesty.

But I will share with you.


Here are some of the reasons why Stephen King really is the king of all:

“She wasn’t wearing a bra; Andi could see the shifting punctuation marks of her nipples against her shirt.”

…”the hungover eye had a weird ability to find the ugliest things in any given landscape.”

…”not talking to anyone, not causing any trouble, just getting high. Feeling the weight of sobriety -sometimes it was like wearing lead shoes- fall away.”


And there’s more… So much more. As usual, it’s a bloody page-turner, creepy and revolting of course, but mainly, just a wonderful roller-coaster ride full of people you know in a heartbeat, such is my liege’s ability to write them into reality in a sentence or two.

I kneel before you again your highness.

I hope I can be Stephen King when I grow up.



* That’s a SK reference. I really am a fangirl.


What are you reading right now? Any good?

Are you in a bookclub? And if so can you invite me?