Hitwave Alison

Hit me baby, one more time:

1. The Emporium Hotel. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that joint rocks. I look forward to them giving me a free night there sometime soon, due to all the amazing advertising I am providing…


2.  This new top from Big W… I dunno what is going on with designers making clothes for cheapo shops, but I was in Big Dub the other day getting the photos developed and I saw this top. It set me back twenty five bucks, and it’s perfect for work.

Big W top


3. Ohhh yesss. Now that’s what I like to see in the beer economy. I would have thought a home visit would be worth a six pack at best, (and of course I did it as a favour, not for the grog*) but how about this for a surprise payment? Maybe I’m better than I thought… Home visit anyone?


4. Mazzy Fine Photography. I am getting so much joy looking at, and sharing our anniversary using the fantastic pics by THE MOST PATIENT PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. Thanks luv!

5.  All the great reading I’ve been doing this week… From Stephen King to all the bloggy chicks, I’ve had a great week of eye action.  If you want some ideas of where to start, here are my faves this week: Kelly ExeterNikki ParkinsonMrs Woog.

That’s it for me, off to bed now cos I’ll be arising early…. from the Ashers xx

Have a great weekend.. What’s your top tip from the week?