Some Days…

Some days you wish you had a blog.

You’ve spent ages thinking about it, wondering if you should or could.  Wondering how to do it.  Wondering if someone can help you.  Some days you think you might even try and do it yourself.

Finally you take the step, and the very day lets you know the page is ready, and you can go ahead, is THE crappiest day you’ve had in ages.

You’ve been up all night with a crying kid, had to reschedule your entire work day to look after your little charge, you go to the doctors, get home for the doctors, realise you’ve left your iPad somewhere, go looking for it, don’t find it, get home and almost collapse with the sheer dismay of it all.  You want to cry, but you don’t, because some days, the tears just won’t flow.

These are not the days you were thinking of, when you were thinking of starting a blog.

Some days are just like that.

And then,

on those days,

you remember that your ridiculous husband knows just how to make you laugh.

Photo on 2010-08-11 at 16.15 #2

And some days, that is enough.