A Little Better

Coco was still home from school today, her eardrum is still perforated,  the iPad is still lost, or found, and now living in it’s new home,  (I hope the new owners are having fun playing in all the Minecraft worlds that Coco and Liam have lovingly created over the last few months.) and my frown lines are still as deep as ever.  Yet somehow, today was a little better.

Today, the sun had to work a little harder to warm up the Sunshine Coast.  But it was worth it once it did.

Today I overcooked the eggs a little, so they weren’t quite as runny as I’d like.  But they were bright yellow, and yolky thick and tasty all the same.

Today I had to do four loads of washing to freshen everything up after all the musty sickness of the last week.  But the wind blew and blew and everything smelt fresh and sweet once I got it off the line.

Today Coco painted her own fingernails whilst I was in the shower, and smeared colours all over the white leather chair and the tiles.  But it sort of came off, and she was so proud of how she looked, that it mostly outweighed the vague pinkish blur that remains.

Today Liam taught me how to play chess, and it looked like he was going to win.  But I lured him into check with my rook, so I STILL RULE.

Tonight I wasn’t concentrating, and burnt yet another pot to a smoky cinder.  But when we had to evacuate to the balcony for some air, my neighbour threw me over a home grown lemon, then we spent time looking at that fecund moon.  Liam swore it was green.

So even though my day today hasn’t been perfect, it’s been a little better.


How has your day been?

Have you looked at the moon?