This Morning

Today is my big day at work, so I haven’t seen much of the kids.  Just bit of time together this morning, and a quick goodnight.

After I was all done, I came up to see Coco’s homework on the table.  She had some spelling words to “look, cover, write, check” and sentences of same.  Her writing is slowly getting better, as she seems to be getting less fatigued these days.  She is proud of her achievements, probably because they are so hard won.

It isn’t the neatest writing in the world, but you can see she has tried hard, and the work is all her own.

My favourite, was her sentence for the word ‘breakfast’.  All spidery writing and smudgy from the rubbing out:  “The smorning I had breakfast.”

It made me laugh.

That kid.  She makes me cry more than any person I’ve ever met, but my God she makes me laugh more too.

She’s had a tricky week, but tomorrow is the book week parade, and I know she’ll be up early ready to dress up as Pearlie the Park Fairy.

Keep up the good work Coco, your tenacity makes our hearts sing.


….From The Ashers xx

What about you, what makes your heart sing?

What did you do the smorning?